Diamond Derma is a safe and highly effective salon based skin resurfacing treatment that offers amazing and progressive results for problem skin conditions such as acne scars, sun damage, pigmentation, lines and blocked pores. Diamond Derma shows dramatically visible improvement after only one treatment though a course is usually recommended.


One – The consultation

Visit one of our Diamond Derma specialists for a consultation and treatment course.

The Diamond Derma machine uses a diamond encrusted wand tip to deeply but safely buff the top layer of skin and a vacuum suction tube to:

• Encourage collagen & elastin production
• Refine pores,
• Reduce lines& wrinkles
• Treat pigmentation/sun-damage
• Treat acne & scarring

Two – The treatment

During your treatments your specialist will use your own individual SkinLove treatment pouch containing Dd Grapefruit Cleanser, Dd Silk Aloe & Collagen Mask, Dd Grapefruit &YlangYlang Toner, Dd Healing Serum & Dd Moisture Lotion. At the end of each treatment you will be given your pouch with the remaining product so that you can ensure you properly look after your skin in the vital 48 hours following your Diamond Derma treatment.

The Dd range has been specifically created to work with the Diamond Derma facial system and give optimum nourishment to your skin.

Three – Skin response

Immediately following your treatment your skin will be fresh and bright and may appear pink (this will depend on your individual skin type). Areas of sun damage (age spots/sun spots) are likely to appear darker. This is a good sign and shows that the damaged/pigmented cells have risen to the surface of the skin. It will take a few days for the darker pigmented areas to begin to break down and then you will see the improvement in skin texture and skin colour. You should expect to have a course of between 6-12 treatments for optimal results. It is imperative that the skin is nourished using Dd SkinLove during days following your treatment. It is also vital that you use an SPF following your treatment. There is no down time.

Four – Not just for the face

Diamond Derma is a remarkable treatment for the body as well as for the face and can treat:

• Acne & acne scarring on the body/back/arms
• Ingrowing hairs (e.g. bikini area)
• Stretch Marks
• Hands (sun damage/ageing)